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How to Care For An Older Cat

How to Care For An Older Cat

If your cat is starting to get older, you're probably noticing some changes in its behavior and want to know what is going on and how you can help. Today, our Chino Hills vets will explain how to care for an older cat.

1. The Vet

As your cat starts to age it is important to take your cat to the vet more often. Our Chino Hills vets can give your cat a routine exam and make sure it does not have any underlying conditions that could cause concern. 

Your vet can provide any vaccinations that could be needed and any preventive care.

2. Toys

You will notice that your older cat is not jumping or running around your home as they use to. So, you must move your cat's toys closer to where they play. 

You may want to even get some pet ramps so your older cat can get around your home better.

3.  Make Their Bed Extra Comfy

At any age, your cat will spend a lot of time laying around and sleeping. But as your cat gets older it will sleep more, eat less, and lose weight. Because of the weight loss, your cat will be colder and need extra blankets added to its bed to keep it warm and cozy. 

4. Keep Them Clean

Cats are known for keeping themselves pretty clean throughout their lives but as they age they may need some extra help with grooming. 

You're going to want to gently brush your cat when you notice any knots in their furry. You can also bring them in for professional grooming to make sure everything is getting taken care of. 

5. Litter Box Maintenance

You've probably had your cat's litter box set up in a place that most people would not come across but now that your cat is getting older you should move it somewhere more accessible for them.

Putting your cat's litter box closer to where your cat sleeps and eats will help them out.

6. Food

There are many great cat food available and some are meant for senior cats. These foods have more nutrients that your aging cat needs to keep them healthy and strong.

If you have any questions or concerns about your aging cat contact our Chino Hills vets today for a consultation.

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