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Vet Advice: How To Stop a Dog From Chewing

Vet Advice: How To Stop a Dog From Chewing

Chewing isn't an issue in most cases when it comes to your family dog, but there are situations in which you might need to put a stop to this. The vets here at Chino Hills explain why dogs chew and share some useful tips for stopping destructive dog chewing behavior. 

Causes of Dog Chewing

Puppies and dogs are naturally inclined to chew on things. For puppies, chewing can also help relieve the pain that they will experience during teething. Where in adult dogs, could be chewing to keep their jaws strong and teeth clean.

Chewing isn't an issue in most cases when it comes to your family dog, but there are situations in which you might need to put a stop to this destructive behavior, such as:


Since dogs are very social and active animals they can easily become bored. Unfortunately, without stimulation, there is a greater chance of your dog turning to chewing on things as a way of alleviating this boredom. 

Anxiety & Stress

Dogs tend to find comfort in routine and consistency, as well as companionship. Changes in your daily routine can greatly affect your dog. They could be chewing in response to these changes as a way of comforting themselves. 


There is a chance that your dog could be chewing in response to a special diet. They might direct their chewing toward objects that they relate to mealtimes, such as plastic bowls or other containers which hold their food. 

Puppy Teething

Just as it is with babies, puppies go through the process of losing baby teeth to make room for their adult set. This can be a painful experience for your puppy and chewing on objects will help provide your puppy with some relief. 

Managing Chewing

The easiest way to manage the situation is to first identify why the dog is chewing.  At that point, you can ensure that they are chewing on the appropriate objects, such as chew toys made specifically for dogs, or that the necessary lifestyle changes are made. 


Dogs require exercise in order to stay healthy and to avoid boredom, especially if they will ever be left at home alone. Exercise is one of the easiest ways to deter destructive chewing.  Different breeds of dogs require different levels of exercise so be sure to talk with your vet about how much exercise is good for your dog. 


Providing your dog with plenty of entertainment can be key in situations where your dog might have to be alone for extended periods of time. Ensuring that they have plenty of toys, as well as toy options that are only available when they are home alone can help ensure a positive experience while you are away. Having many toy options will also help distract your pup from the objects that you do not want them to chew on. 

Dog Proofing

The best way to ensure that your dog won't be chewing on your favorite things is to dog-proof your home. Be sure that you put all objects away that you do not want your dog to have access to, such as clothing, books, and electronics. It is much less tempting to your pup if they cannot see or reach these things. 

How to Stop a Dog From Chewing

Sometimes when all else fails you may need other options to help with the dog chewing situation. If taking the object away, saying "no" and replacing it with the desired object does not work, there are also dog deterrent sprays available. 

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

If your dog eats something they shouldn't it could be an emergency situation. We offer emergency services during our regular clinic hours. Contact us right away! We are here to help!

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